Pembroke Old Scholars joined the league in 1932 under the guise of Kings Old Collegians. The club represented the old scholars of Kings College located at the Parade, which is now the home ground of the club. Due to the merger of Kings College and Girton Girls School in 1974 to form Pembroke School, the club changed its name to Pembroke Old Scholars in 1978. From 1990 the nickname “Kings” was adopted to acknowledge the history of the club.

Formed in 1932 when Kings College was a boys-only school, the green and gold colours have adorned the SAAFL ever since apart from brief absences in 1933-35 and 1941. With the exception of 1949-50, the only time the Club played in A1 was 1976 which was most fortunate for Mark Bamber because it gave him the opportunity to win the coveted A1 Hone Medal. In 1978 the name of the Club was changed to Pembroke reflecting the name change of the School consequent on the merger of Kings with the girls school Girton. In that same year change-rooms on the eastern side of Haslam Oval were re-built. In 1980 Haslam Oval was re-drained and re-surfaced so the Club used Thorndon High School and Paradise Primary School for matches, whilst club rooms were established on Shipsters Road in the school grounds. The facilities were upgraded in 1985 and 1987. The Principal of Pembroke School Diana Medlin is one of the few women to hold the position of Patron of an SAAFL club. Peter Adcock holds the SAAFL record for most successive medals with 4 and the most medals in an ‘A’ grade team with 5. Mark ‘Charlie’ Prider is the Club record holder for most games played with 424 games to date.

Trainings are held at Haslam Oval every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6pm and post-match functions are held each Saturday evening at The Kensington Hotel

All Old Scholars, family and friends of the School are welcome to join the club as players, sponsors and supporters. For any additional information please contact Club President –