The Kings


Pembroke Old Scholars joined the league in 1932 under the guise of Kings Old Collegians. The club represented the old scholars of Kings College located at the Parade, which is now the home ground of the club. Due to the merger of Kings College and Girton Girls School in 1974 to form Pembroke School, the […]


2020 BOARD MEMBERS ELECTED President Mark Wightman Vice President Charles Canny Treasurer Paddy Trutwin Matthew Howe (assist) Secretary Mark Lane Committee Members Chris Taylor Jake Van Der Hoek Matt Howe Mitch Curnow Nick Simmons Peter Read Tom Denyer Tom Evans Tom Moir Venkha Sivashanker


400+ PRIDER, Mark (Charlie                              452   350+ WHIMPRESS, Peter                                    366 300+ SCHOCROFT, Bill                                        328 McCARTHY, Richard                                 312 RIGLIN, Bruce                                             304   250+ BENTLEY, Nick                                           278 BURFORD, Adam.                                      266 HARMER, Michael (Ned)                            263 BLACK, Geoff                                              254 200+ HUGHES, Toby                                            240 ELDSON, Nick                                             231 HILL-LING, Ben                                          221 WINTER, Patrick                                         219 WIGHTMAN, Scott                                     218 […]

Coaching Staff

A-Grade Coach – Nathan Woods   Assistant A-Grade Coach – Alex Forster B-Grade Coach – Tom Wightman C-Grade Coach – Steven Bevan